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List Updated till 28th July 2017

Accepted Papers

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Issue No.
649 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1204 Ms. Dipalee M. Kate, Dr. Nitin K. Choudhari and Dr. Achana R. Chaudhari Ultrasonic Method for Extraction Of %C,%H,%N,%S of Coal using Signal Processing Application Registered Ms. Dipalee M. Kate Dr. Nitin K. Choudhari, Dr. Achana R. Chaudhari - VI
650 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1205 Tushar Singh Sisodia and Dr Omveer Singh Solar LED Street Light System with Automatic Scheme Registered Tushar Singh Sisodia Waiting 452-456 IV
651 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1206 Padmavathi Natarajan and Divya Perumal Fault Detection and Isolation of solar Panels using Bluetooth Registered Padmavathi Natarajan Waiting - VIII
652 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1207 Kushal A. Kanhav and Madhuri Chaudhari A Bidirectional Multiport Dc-Dc Converter Topology for Hybrid Energy System Registered Kushal A. Kanhav Waiting - V
653 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1209 Mylarapu Shiva Sai, Guggila Shobabu, U.Sneha Lekha, Samta Jjoshi, Shivani Srivastava, Chelladurai H and K. K. Soundra Pandian Android based Advanced Car Lifting System using Bluethooth Registered K. K. Soundra Pandian Mylarapu Shiva Sai, Guggila Shobabu, U. Sneha Lekha, Samta Jjoshi, Shivani Srivastava 457-461 IV
654 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1211 Mr. Nithin Vasanth, Akash G, Srikanth Kr, Pavan Srikanth Tn and Ruma Sinha Solar Powered Automatic Pesticides Sprayer Registered Mr. Nithin Vasanth Mr. Akash G, Mr. Pavan Srikanth TN, Mr. Srikanth KR, Mrs. Ruma Sinha 462-465 IV
655 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1215 Rahul Bollineni, Kartik Madhira, Chirayu Rajpurohit and Dakshesh Kumar Chaudhary Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of a Cooling System for Li-ion Batteries in a EBAJA All Terrain Vehicle Registered Rahul Bollineni Kartik Madhira, Chirayu Rajpurohit and Dakshesh Kumar Chaudhary 466-470 IV
656 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1216 Bala Sundara Ganapathy Nadesan and Alagarsamy K, Giftson Vasanth Samuel Raj A Improving and Analyzing the Quality of System Model Lexicons using Semantic based Information Mining Registered Bala Sundara Ganapathy Nadesan Giftson Vasanth Samuel Raj A 471-479 IV
657 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1217 Mir Mohsina Rehman and Ghulam Mohammad Rather Switched Mode Power Amplifiers: A Brief Review and Comparative Study Registered Mir Mohsina Rehman Waiting - VIII
658 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1218 Miss. Pallavi R. Parekh and Minakshee Patil Clinical Depression Detection for Adolescenct by Speech Features Registered Miss. Pallavi R. Parekh Waiting - VI
659 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1219 Lavanya Chimaladinne and Nagaraju Sonti Automatic Token Allocation through Mobile in Primary Care Registered Lavanya Chimaladinne Waiting 480-484 IV
660 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1220 B. Y. Bagde, B. S. Umre and Akanksha Somkuwar Security Constrained Economic Dispatch Registered B. Y. Bagde Waiting - VIII
661 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1222 Balaji K. Bodkhe, Sanjay P. Sood Privacy Preservation for Medical Dataset using Hadoop Registered Balaji K. Bodkhe Sanjay P. Sood - VI
662 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1225 Miss. Geetha Srikrishna and Mrs. Veena G S Uncovering the Nearest Neighbors for Personal Safety Registered Miss. Geetha Srikrishna Mrs. Veena G S - VII
663 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1226 Mayank Patel and Naveen Choudhary A Dynamic Cross-Layer Mapping to Support Real Time Multimedia Applications over IEEE 802.11n Registered Mayank Patel Waiting - VI
664 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1227 Udaya Lakshmi Dhulipalla and Harish A Novel Air Writing Recognition System using Raspberry Pi for the Control and Interaction of Digital Systems Registered Udaya Lakshmi Dhulipalla Waiting - VI
665 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1231 Dr. T. C. Manjunath Glaucoma Detection using IP Techniques Registered Dr. T. C. Manjunath Waiting 485-488 IV
666 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1232 Edward Johnston and Liam Elias Experiential Extensions: Meaningful Space-time Objects Registered Edward Johnston Waiting - VIII
667 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1233 Padmaja Grandhe, Sreenivasa Reddy Edara and Vasumathi Devara Adaptive ROI Search for 3D Visualization of MRI Medical Images Registered Padmaja Grandhe Waiting - VI
668 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1235 Narayanasamy Rajendran and Dr. Naganathan E.R Adaptive Method for Vehicle Integration and Coordination Among Vehicles in Manet Registered Narayanasamy Rajendran Waiting - IX
669 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1239 Ms. Jyotsna Sharma and Mrs. Sandeep Kaur Gerontechnology- The study of Alzheimer disease using Cloud computing Registered Ms. Jyotsna Sharma Mrs. Sandeep Kaur - V
670 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1240 Priti Thakur and Sandeep Kaur An Intelligent System for Predicting and Preventing Chikungunya Virus Registered Priti Thakur Sandeep Kaur - V
671 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1241 Mr Basavoju Harish, Kosaraju Sivani and Mss Rukmini Performance comparison of various CMOS Full adders Registered Mr Basavoju Harish Waiting - VI
672 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1242 Fariha Haque, Asif Shahriyar Sushmit and M. A. Sarkar Design of a Voice Controlled Robotic Gripper Arm using Neural Networks Registered Asif Shahriyar Sushmit Waiting - V
673 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1244 Sampath Kumar Venkatachary, Jagdish Prasad, V. Lakshmi Narsimhan and Ravi Samikannu Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Prediction of Solar Radiation for Botswana Registered Sampath Kumar Venkatachary Waiting - VIII
674 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1245 Mr. Abhishek Anand, Sundar Vignesh, Srinath V and Arockia Xavier Annie R Visualization of Big Data Analysis on Social Media Registered Mr. Abhishek Anand Sundar Vignesh, Srinath V and Arockia Xavier Annie R - V
675 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1250 T. Saimounika and Kishore Kopparapu Real Time Locating System using RFID for Internet of Things Registered T. Saimounika Waiting - V
676 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1253 Mr. Dinesh S. Wankhede and Mohan Aware A Novel Space Vector Modulation Technique for Two Level Inverter using Image Processing Registered Mr. Dinesh S. Wankhede Waiting - VIII
677 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1254 Shraddha Acharya and Pawan Tapre Life Assessment of Transformer using Thermal models Registered Shraddha Acharya Waiting - VIII
678 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1255 Varada Raju, Addala Satya Narayana Varma and Y Satyanarayana Raju An Environmental Pollution Monitoring System using LORA Registered Varada Raju Addala Satya Narayana Varma and Y Satyanarayana Raju - V
679 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1262 Mr. B. Chandra Sekhar and Mr. G. Murali Access Control for Cloud Forensics through Secure Logging Services Registered Mr. B. Chandra Sekhar Mr. G. Murali - V
680 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1263 Mhd Tahssin Altabbaa, Tarik Ayabakan and Dr. Arif Selcuk Ogrenci Fuzzy Logic for Decision Extraction from Product Reviews Registered Dr. Arif Selcuk Ogrenci Waiting - V
681 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1264 Arvind Lal and C. Rama Krishna A Review on Methodologies of Scientific Workflow Scheduling Algorithm under Dead Line Constraint Registered Arvind Lal Waiting - VIII
682 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1265 Bipra Chatterjee, Lalit M. Saini and Tapan K. Gandhi Non-invasive Wireless EEG Monitor Registered Bipra Chatterjee Waiting - V
683 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1266 Miss. K. Supraja and S. Jessica Saritha Robust Fuzzy Rule Based Technique to Detect Frauds in Vehicle Insurance Registered Miss. K. Supraja S. Jessica Saritha - V
684 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1268 P. Siva Lakshmi and G. Murali Comparison of Classical and Quantum Cryptography using QKD Simulator Registered P. Siva Lakshmi G. Murali - V
685 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1269 A. David Donald and G. Murali Selective Ensemble of Internet Traffic Classifiers for Improving Malware Detection Registered A. David Donald G. Murali - V
686 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1270 Thomas Jacob, Lalit M Saini and Subhasis Bhaumik An Algorithm for Control of Prosthetic Foot by Gait Characteristics Registered Thomas Jacob Waiting - IX
687 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1271 C. Shanthi and Mrs SJ. Saritha Fuzzy C mean Technique On High Dimensional data for fast and Scalable clustering Registered C. Shanthi Mrs SJ. Saritha - VIII
688 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1273 Sreeja M.U and Binsu C Kovoor Multi agent based Extended Travel Support System using JADE Framework Registered Binsu C Kovoor Sreeja M.U - V
689 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1274 M. Blessy Sharon and S. J Saritha Edge based Robust Image Watermarking Scheme for Copyright Protection of Images Registered M. Blessy Sharon S. J Saritha - VIII
690 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1275 K. VenkataRaviKumar and G. Murali Enhanced Security for Data Sharing in Clouds through Policy and Access Control Management Registered K. VenkataRaviKumar G. Murali - V
691 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1276 Ramya K R and Madhu B M Design of Actuation Control Unit with Ultra Capacitors as the Embedded Energy Back up for Electro-mechanical Applications Registered Ramya K R Waiting - VIII
692 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1277 Priyanka Sudhakara, Ganapathy Velappa and Karthika Sundaran Probabilistic Roadmaps-Spline based Trajectory Planning For Wheeled Mobile Robot Registered Waiting Waiting - VII
693 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1278 Sandadi Sreelatha and Murali G Error Correction and Detection Techniques in Quantum Cryptography Protocol Registered Sandadi Sreelatha G. Murali - VIII
694 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1279 Miss. S. Yasmin and S. Jessica Saritha A Constraint Programming-Based Resource Allocation and Scheduling of Map Reduce jobs with Service level Agreement Registered Miss. S. Yasmin S. Jessica Saritha - V
695 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1280 D. Sai Bhavya Lalitha and S. Jessica Saritha A Novel Data Clustering through ISSCE Framework Registered D. Sai Bhavya Lalitha S. Jessica Saritha - V
696 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1281 S. Yasmin and G. Muali A New Framework for Analyzing Surveillance of Quantum Cryptographic Protocols using Genetic Algorithm Registered S. Yasmin G. Muali - VII
697 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1282 Lalitha Vp, Sagar M Y, Sharanappa S, Swarup R M and Shreedhar Hanji Data Security in Cloud Registered Lalitha V. P Waiting - VIII
698 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1283 N. Moses Babu and G. Murali Malware Detection for Multi Cloud Servers using Intermediate Monitoring Server Registered N. Moses Babu G. Murali - V
699 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1284 Mounika Gaddam and G. Murali A Communication Aware Load balancing Technique for Cluster File Systems based on Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) Registered Gaddam Mounika G. Murali - V
700 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1285 Miss. Lalitha Badri and Mr. G Murali Implementing Deduplication Technique for RDF Files with enhanced security Using Multi Cloud Servers Registered Miss. Lalitha Badri Mr. G Murali - VIII
701 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1286 Mohammed Ali, Syeda Shaikha Hajera and Ateeq Ur-Rahman Survey on Image Dehazing Methods Registered Mohammed Ali Waiting - VIII
702 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1288 S. V. Keerthana Priya and S. Jessica Saritha A Robust Technique To Generate Unique Code DNA Sequence Registered S. V. Keerthana Priya S. Jessica Saritha - V
703 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1289 Kaveri Reddy Vutukur and Saritha Sj An end to end Protocal Transmission for Secure Cipher Text Registered Kaveri Reddy Vutukur Saritha Sj - VIII
704 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1291 Adokshaja Battu Leka and Saritha Sj Third Party Public Auditing on Cloud Storage using The Cryptographic Algorithm Registered Adokshaja Battu Leka Saritha Sj - VIII
705 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1292 E. Nagaraju and S. Jessica Saritha Cloud based Multimedia Resource Allocation using PBRA Registered E. Nagaraju S. Jessica Saritha - V
706 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1293 M. Dinesh Kumar and S. Jessica Saritha BFC: High Performance Distributed Big File Cloud Storage based on Key Value Store Registered M. Dinesh Kumar S. Jessica Saritha - V
707 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1294 Gaurav Goyal Speed Sensorless Control of Multiple Induction Motor Drives with Single Nine Switch Inverter Registered Gaurav Goyal Waiting - VIII
708 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1295 Bhagyashri Bhalekar and Dilip Budhwant A New Approach for Stability Maintenance of Wireless Control Network Registered Bhagyashri Bhalekar Waiting - VIII
709 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1296 Anusha K and Jessica Saritha S Minimizing the Performance Metrics of Mapreduce Workloads Registered Anusha K Jessica Saritha S - VIII
710 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1297 Sreenivas N and Saritha S.J Enhancement Towards Efficient Bug Triage with Software Data Reducing Methods Registered Sreenivas N Waiting - VII
711 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1298 Keerthi Kuntumalla and Saritha S J ECLAT: Frequent Itemset using Mapreduce Registered Keerthi Kuntumalla Saritha S J - VIII
712 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1299 Pradnya Chitrao, Rajiv Divekar and Preeti Kambhoj Sensor based Smart Agriculture in India Registered Pradnya Chitrao Waiting - IX
713 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1300 Nellore Kapileswar, Palepu V. Santhi, Vijay K. R. Chenchela, Venkata Siva Prasad A Fast Information Dissemination System for Emergency Services over Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Registered Venkata Siva Prasad Waiting - VII