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List Updated till 28th July 2017

Accepted Papers

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Issue No.
159 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0305 Kande Archana and Molugu Renuka To Enhance the Security for ATM with the help of Sensor and Controllers Registered Kande Archana Waiting - VI
160 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0307 Dr. Samir B. Patel Digital Watermarking using Decision Tree on Color Images Registered Dr. Samir B. Patel Waiting 163-170 I
161 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0309 Veeramanikandan. M and Suresh Sankaranarayanan Publish/Subscribe Broker based Architecture for Fog Computing Registered Veeramanikandan. M Waiting 171-173 I
162 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0313 Vaishali Gaikwad and Dr. Lata Ragha Mitigation of Attack on Authenticating Identities in Ad-Hoc Network Registered Vaishali Gaikwad Waiting - VII
163 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0314 Chandana V. S. and Anitha C An Advent of Data Mining to Prognosticate user's Successive Questions using Association Rules Registered Chandana V. S. Waiting - VII
164 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0315 Ankita Jain and Atush Jain Design, Implementation & Comparison of Vedic Multipliers with Conventional Multiplier Registered Ankita Jain Waiting 195-201 II
165 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0317 Aditya Jogalekar, Siddharth Jadav, Omkar Jadhav, Purva Nagvekar, Karan Gaikwad and Dr. P. K. Katti Aging of Transformer- A Case Study with Implementation of New Graphical Interface Registered Aditya Jogalekar Karan Gaikwad, Siddharth Jadav 202-206 II
166 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0318 Mr. Santosh Hiremath and Dr. Jenila Livingston L. M Two Level Filtering using High Band Pass and Winner Algorithms for Speech Enhancement Registered Mr. Santosh Hiremath Waiting - VI
167 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0319 Suprabho Dhenki, Mr. Jayant Jain,
Rajat Kumar and
Amarvaj Likhith
SmartGrip: Haptic Feedback based Cycle Handle Grip Registered Mr. Jayant Jain Waiting 17-21 I
168 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0321 Jeya Bharathi S, Mr. P. Balamanikandan and Meenakshi M Analysis of Normal and Mutant DNA Sequence of Fragile X Syndrome using Moments Registered Mr. P. Balamanikandan Waiting - VII
169 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0322 Jeya Bharathi S and Ms. K. Navaneetham Transformation and Parametric Description of Rectangular Hilbert Space Filling Curve Registered Ms. K. Navaneetham Waiting - V
170 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0323 Nallamilli. P. G Bhavani, K. Sujatha, R. S. Ponmagal, T. Kalpalatha Reddy Smart Power Plants with Soft Sensor for SO2 Emissions Monitoring using Internet of Things Registered Nallamilli. P. G Bhavani Waiting - VII
171 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0324 Md. Asgar Ali,
Hari Mohan Dubey and Manjaree Pandit
Moth-Flame Optimization for Multi Area Economic Dispatch: A Novel Heuristic Paradigm Registered Md. Asgar Ali Waiting 207-212 II
172 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0326 Prateek Pisat, Shrimangal Rewagad,
Devansh Modi,
Ganesh Sawant and Deepshikha Chaturvedi
Question Paper Generator and Answer Verifier Registered Shrimangal Rewagad Prateek Pisat, Devansh Modi, Deepshikha Chaturvedi 181-184 I
173 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0329 Elizabeth Basil and Sharad Sawant IoT based Traffic Light Control System using Raspberry Pi Registered Elizabeth Basil Waiting - V
174 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0330 Sonu S R,
Ravi Ranjan,
Vivek Prakash and Saritha K
Prediction of Parkinson's Disease using Data Mining Techniques Registered Vivek Prakash Waiting 213-216 II
175 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0331 L Kholee Phimu and Manoj Kumar Design and Implementation of Area Efficient 2-parallel Filters on FPGA using Image System Registered L Kholee Phimu Waiting - V
176 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0333 Vijaykumar Korishetti,
Dr. Jayashree V and
Dr. V. C. Patil
A Comparison and Simulation of LDPC Decoders for Chinese Digital Television Multimedia Broadcasting(CDTMB) Standard Registered Vijaykumar Korishetti Dr. Jayashree V and Dr. V. C. Patil - VII
177 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0334Mr. Palkar P. M., Shrinivas Patil and Dr. Udupi V. R A Review on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Novel Strategy for Image Decomposition Registered Mr. Palkar P. M. Dr. Udupi V. R - VI
178 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0335 Jeya Bharathi S, S. Sinthanai Selvi and Balamanikandan P Grammars of Vertices and Edges on DNA Splicing System through Linear Graphs Registered S. Sinthanai Selvi Waiting - VII
179 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0336 Vaishali Suryawanshi and Shilpa Setpal Guassian Transformed GLCM Features for Classifying Diabetic Retinopathy Registered Vaishali suryawanshi Waiting - V
180 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0341 Priyanka Lokhande and Bhavana Tiple A Step Towards Advanced Machine Learning Approach: Deep Learning Registered Priyanka Lokhande Waiting - V
181 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0350 Prof. Kiran. M ,Chaitra B. V, Chinmayi V Pandith ,Goutam P Nayak, Jyothsna. C. S. An Intelligent Safety System for Individual’s Security Registered Goutam P Nayak Waiting - IX
182 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0353 Chandradeep Tiwari Waste Management using Solar Smart Bin Registered Chandradeep Tiwari Waiting 217-220 II
183 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0355 Prof. G. G. Shingan, Mr. S. V. Sambhare, Mr. V. S. Bhokare, Mr. A. L. Nikam, Mr. H. D.Shinde Smart Gas Cylinder: Leakage Alert and Automatic Booking Registered Prof. G. G. Shingan Mr. S. V. Sambhare, Mr. A. L. Nikam - V
184 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0356 VMr. Vaibhav Narayan Kolhe, Kunal Kolhe, Shrutika Choudhari, Susmita Khedekar, Ujwal Zambare and K Vadirajacharya A Case Study: Energy Conservation through Energy Audit at Kandalgaon Substation Registered Mr. Vaibhav Narayan Kolhe Mr. Kunal Kolhe, Ms Shrutika Choudhari, Ms Susmita Khedekar, Mr. Ujwal Zambare 75-79 IV
185 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0358 Dinesh Reddy Manchala Load Forecasting using Linear Regression Analysis and NARX Model using ANN in Time Series Model for RGUKT, R. K. Valley Campus HT Feeder Registered Mr. M. Dinesh Reddy Waiting - VI
186 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0363 Prof. Anjan Mukherjee Interval Valued Fuzzy Soft Sets in Decision Making based on Game Theory and their Applications Registered Prof. Anjan Mukherjee Waiting 80-86 IV
187 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0366 Mr. Mohammad Abdul Ahmed,
K. Shashidhar Reddy,
J. Prakashkumar, Abhilash Rai and
B. P. Singh
Statistical Analysis of Load and its Frequency Response for Load Forecasting in a Medium Voltage Distribution System Registered Mr. Mohammad Abdul Ahmed Waiting 221-224 II
188 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0368 Dileep K, Kishan Dharavath and Sankaran R Speed Control of PMBLDC Motor for Electrically Assisted Power Steering System Registered Dileep K Waiting - VIII
189 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0369 Ms. Navya Jose,
Minu Kuriakose and Subha Thomas
Hybrid Method for Image Watermarking Registered Ms. Navya Jose Waiting 225-230 II
190 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0370 Nikunj Janak Gor and Amutha Jeyakumar Voice Controlled Motorized Wheelchair with Real Time Location Monitoring Registered Nikunj Janak Gor Waiting 87-91 IV
191 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0371 Dr. Sneha Ys, Madhura Anand and Megha C. R Cognitive Computing and its Applications Registered Madhura Anand Megha C. R, Dr. Sneha Ys 87-91 III
192 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0373 Manoj Hans and Mahamuni Nilesh N. Implementation of Integrated Converter Topologies for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Module Registered Mahamuni Nilesh N. Waiting 92-96 IV
193 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0374 Bharathi Devi Patnala and
Kiran Kumar Reddi
DNA Cryptography Life Blood for New Era Computers Registered Bharathi Devi Patnala Dr. R. Kiran Kumar - VI
194 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0377 R. G. Deshbhratar and Mohan Renge Analysis and Design of Solar Power System Interface Utility using ZVS Converter Registered R. G. Deshbhratar Waiting 98-105 III
195 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0378 Dr. M. L. Ravi Chandra, Varun Kumar B and Suresh Babu B IOT Enabled Home with Smart Security Registered Dr. M. L. Ravi Chandra Waiting 97-101 IV
196 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0379 Prof. Pranjali P. Deshmukh and Salim Amdani Survey of Memory Streaming Techniques for Virtual Machine in Cloud Environment Registered Prof. Pranjali P. Deshmukh Dr. S. Y. Amdani 185-187 I
197 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0380 Mr. Manish Shankar Kaushik and Aditya Bihar Kandali Recognition of Facial Expressions Extracting Salient Features using Local Binary Patterns and Histogram of Oriented Gradients Registered Mr. Manish Shankar Kaushik Waiting - VII
198 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0382 Swagata Ray and Latha Christie Simulation of Folded Waveguide Slow Wave Structure With Grooves for W-Band TWTs Registered Latha Christie Waiting - V
199 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0383 Sanjukta Nej and Latha Christie Coupled Resonator Slow Wave Structures for Millimetric Wave TWT Registered Latha Christie Waiting - V
200 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0385 Ms. Pooja Unnikrishnan and Deepu Koshy An Efficient Load Sharing Strategy among Distributed Generators in Hybrid System Registered Ms. Pooja Unnikrishnan Waiting 482-487 II
201 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0386 Perumal Mariappan and M Kameswari Benchmarking and Data Envelopment Analysis: An Approach to Rank the Best Performing Engineering Colleges Functioning in Tamil Nadu Registered Dr P. Mariappan Waiting - VIII
202 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0387 Perumal Mariappan and M Kameswari A Model of Evaluating Cement Industries Efficiency based on Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Registered Dr M. Kameswari Waiting - VIII
203 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0388 Mrs. Ketaki Shet-Talathi, Sanjay Khobragade A Real Time Abandoned Object Detection: Hardware Approach Registered Mrs. Ketaki Shet-Talathi Waiting 231-236 II
204 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0393 Mr. Sunithkumar H Guraddi,
Dr. Harish S K and
Vinayagam N, Manjunath H
Design of IoT based Smart Shop Floor- An Exploratory Case Study Registered Mr. Sunithkumar H Guraddi Dr. Harish S K, Mr. Vinayagam N, Mr. Manjunath H 237-243 II
205 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0394 Malakanagouda B Biradar and
Harisha S K
PLC based Automation of Test Rig for Brake Actuators Registered Malakanagouda B Biradar Dr. Harisha S K 244-249 II
206 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0395 Mr. Praveen Kumar N, Sreemathi R,
Ragul Chandar K P, Vaijayanthi V and Praveen Kumar S
PWM Inverter Switch Open-Circuit Fault Analysis in Three Phase Induction Motor Drive using Fem Registered Mr. Praveen Kumar N Waiting - VI
207 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0396 Ravindra Motekar and Trupti Pawale Seven Level Inverter for High Power Applications in Standalone Hybrid Energy Systems Registered Prof. Trupti P. Pawale Prof. Ravindra Motekar , Prof. R. L. Chakrasali, Prof. Prakash Kerur 188-191 I
208 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0397 Praveena Shanmugam and Vimala Palanisamy Joint ICI Cancellation and PAPR Reduction using Circulantly Precoded OFDM with SLM Registered S. Praveena Waiting 250-255 II
209 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0399 Mr. Mal Hari Prasad and Dr. Swarnalatha P. Facial Expression Detection using Facial Expression Model Registered Mr. Mal Hari Prasad Dr. Swarnalatha P. 256-259 II
210 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0400 Harish Pappu, Gaddela Sasi Kumar and M Siva Teja An FPGA based New Single Phase Five Level Inverter Registered Harish Pappu Waiting 260-264 II