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List Updated till 28th July 2017

Accepted Papers

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Issue No.
389 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0701 Ms. Nikitha L, Abha Tripathi and Lalitha Anil Effect of Electrical Vehicle Charging on Power Quality Registered Ms. Nikitha L Waiting - VII
390 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0702 Miss. Ramyashri Ramteke and V. R. Thool Stress Detection of Students at Academic Level from Heart Rate Variability Registered Miss. Ramyashri Ramteke Waiting 389-392 I
391 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0704 Mr. Santosh Kumar Verma Variable Tariff Energy Meter with Automatic Power Flow Control Registered Mr. Santosh Kumar Verma Waiting 17-20 III
392 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0705 Nadeem Akhtar, Hira Javed and Tameem Ahmad Searching Related Scientific Articles using Formal Concept Analysis Registered Hira Javed Waiting 285-290 III
393 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0707 L. Sri Divya Lakshmi Comparison of Fuzzy Controlled Active Contour with Existing Segmentation Techniques Registered L. Sri Divya Lakshmi Waiting 291-296 III
394 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0709 Mr MD Shahid, Adithya Ms and Abdullah Shoaib A Framework for Multiple Target Detection for Surveillance Registered Mr MD Shahid Waiting - VIII
395 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0710 Mrs. Sethulekshmi Raju and Mr. Naveen Jacob A Low Power Content Addressable Memory with Self-Control Mechanism and Segmented Matchlines Registered Mr. Naveen Jacob Mrs. Sethulekshmi Raju 297-304 III
396 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0711 Saritha. K. S, Sasidharan Sreedharan and Usha Nair A Generalized Setup of A Campus Microgrid - A Case Study Registered Saritha. K. S Waiting 305-311 III
397 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0713 Sam Thomas, Prof. S. Prakash and Kumutha Priya Characterization of Memristor based on Non-linear Ion Drift Model Registered Prof. S. Prakash Waiting 312-315 III
398 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0714 Ms. Neha Sharma, Jyoti Sharma and Samir Mishra Design & Implementation of Efficient Turbo Equalizer for Noise Reduction Registered Ms. Neha Sharma Waiting 316-321 III
399 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0715 Hitlendra Pratap Singh and Dr. G. S. Virdi RLC Modeled Interconnect Delay Analysis for High-Speed On-Chip VLSI Interconnects Registered Hitlendra Pratap Singh Waiting - VI
400 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0716 Ms. Jyoti Sharma, Neha Sharma and Samir Mishra A Comparative Analysis of Iterative Algorithms for SISO Decoder Registered Ms. Jyoti Sharma Waiting 322-325 III
401 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0717 Prof. Meghna Patel, Prof. Ronak Patel, Dr. Satyen Parikh and Dr. Ashok Patel An Improved O’Gorman Filter for Fingerprint Image Enhancement Registered Prof. Meghna Patel Prof. Ronak Patel, Dr. Satyen Parikh and Dr. Ashok Patel - VI
402 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0718 Hemant Kulkarni and Dr. V B Virulkar Mitigation of Flicker in a Distribution-Connected Wind Farm with STATCOM Registered Hemant R Kulkarni Dr. V B Virulkar 393-397 I
403 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0719 Ms. Frangly Francis and Ms. Aparna Suresh A Cognitive Model for Analyzing Visual Attention using Ocular Movements Registered Ms. Frangly Francis Ms. Aparna Suresh 326-328 III
404 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0722 Juby George and Gladston Raj Leaf Recognition using Multi-layer Perceptron Registered Juby George Gladston Raj 190-195 IV
405 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0723 Mr. Mufeed Pathan and Ashish Shah Co-ordination of Protective Relays for 16MW Load System using ETAP Registered Mr. Mufeed Pathan Waiting 196-205 IV
406 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0725 Milind Rane and Umesh Bhadade Multimodal System using Radon-Gabor Transform Registered Milind Rane Waiting - VIII
407 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0726 Snehal Bhoir, Tushar Ghorpade and Vanita Mane Semantic Search over MOOC Aggregator using Query Expansion Registered Snehal Bhoir Waiting - IV
408 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0729 Kimaya V Samarth Comparative Analysis of Bidirectional Converter for V2G Application Registered Kimaya V Samarth Waiting 329-333 III
409 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0730 Amirush Javare, Tushar Ghayal, Ankita Gupta, Ankur Shelar and Jayant Dabhade Access Control and Intrusion Detection in Door Lock System using Bluetooth Technology Registered Amirush Javare Waiting 334-339 III
410 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0731 Kriti Mishra and Rinkle Aggarwal Churn Prediction in Telecommunication using Machine Learning Registered Kriti Mishra Waiting - VIII
411 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0732 M.Karuna, Ch.Ganesh, Dr.Rudra Pratap Das and M.Vijay Kumar Classification of Wrist Movements through EMG Signals with Fuzzy Logic Algorithm Registered M. Karuna Waiting 206-209 IV
412 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0734 Prerana K A and Naidila Sadashiv A Study of Workflow Management System in the Cloud Environment Registered Prerana K A Waiting - V
413 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0736 Mrs. S. Vallisree, Thangavel R and T. R. Lenka Comparative Characteristics Study of the Effect of Various Gate Dielectrics on ZnO TFT Registered Mrs. S. Vallisree Waiting 477-484 I
414 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0739 Bharath B S and Vinayaka K U Investigation of Power Quality Distubrnaces in an Electric Arc Furnace Registered Bharath B S Waiting - VI
415 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0740 Pratik Gokhale, Neeraj Anturkar, Prajakta Rangnekar, Ashwin Adhav and Bhakti Patil Design & Implementation of Stock-Aware Shelves using Pervasive Computing Registered Ashwin Adhav Waiting - VII
416 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0741 Mr. Chetan Jamdar and Amol Boke Multimodal Biometric identification System using Fusion Level of Matching Score Level in Single Modal to Multi-Modal Biometric System Registered Mr. Chetan Jamdar Amol Boke 398-401 I
417 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0743 Dhrubajyoti Bora and Aditya Bihar Kandali Wavelet Packet Based Fusion Of IR and Gray Image Registered Dhrubajyoti Bora Waiting - V
418 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0744 Mr. Satish Kumar Mitta, Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma and Prof Gaurav Gangil Agc Issues in Power System Operation after Deregulation using Pi and Pid Controller Registered Mr. Satish Kumar Mitta Waiting - VI
419 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0745 Athira Unnikrishnan, Uma Narayanan and Dr. Shelbi Joseph Performance Analysis of Various Supervised Algorithms on Big Data Registered Athira Unnikrishnan Uma Narayanan and Dr. Shelbi Joseph 340-345 III
420 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0746 S. Y. Mumtaj and A. Umamakeswari Neuro Fuzzy based Healthcare System using IoT Registered S. Y. Mumtaj Waiting 346-350 III
421 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0748 Nishij Ganpatrao Kulkarni and Vasudeo B. Virulkar DC Link Voltage Control of Power Conditioning Unit during LVRT Registered Nishij Ganpatrao Kulkarni Vasudeo B. Virulkar - VII
422 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0749 Mr. Rubul Kumar Bania An Effective Supervised Filter based Feature Selection Algorithm using Rough Set Theory Registered Mr. Rubul Kumar Bania Waiting 402-407 I
423 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0750 P. A. Salodkar, P S Kulkarni and Manoj Waghmare Study of Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topologies Suitable for Photovoltaic Applications Registered P. A. Salodkar Waiting 408-411 I
424 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0752 Kiruthika R Low Cost Pollution Control and Air Quality Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi with Internet of Things Registered Kiruthika R Waiting - VI
425 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0753 Ayush Pradhan, Sidharth Behera and Pushpalata Pujari Comparative Study on Recent Text Line Segmentation Methods of Unconstrained Handwritten Scripts Registered Ayush Pradhan Sidharth Behera 480-485 III
426 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0754 Mr. D. Ravi, Samson Yohennes, Habtamu Mitiku Feyissa and Mr. B. Koteswararao Investigation on the Performance of Photovoltaic Panel with Various Filters Registered Mr. D. Ravi Mr. B. Koteswararao - VII
427 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0757 Asna M and Sakkeer Hussain C. K. Analysis of Three Phase Quadratic Boost Derived Hybrid Converter Registered Asna M Waiting 351-355 III
428 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0758 Puneeth Kumar and Rekha S Fast Startup Crystal Oscillator Design Registered Puneeth Kumar Rekha S 489-494 IV
429 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0759 Preet Chandan Kaur, Tushar Ghorpade and Vanita Mane Extraction of Unigram and Bigram Topic List by using Latent Dirichlet Markov Allocation and Sentiment Classification Registered Preet Chandan Kaur Waiting 210-218 IV
430 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0760 Deepika Pramod Vichare and Uday Khot Multi-Featured Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications Registered Deepika Pramod Vichare Waiting 356-361 III
431 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0761 Faiz Aman and Anitha C Motion Sensing and Image Capturing based Smart Door System on Android Platform Registered Faiz Aman Waiting - VII
432 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0762 Md Asif Khalil and Dr. Bonthu Kotaiah Implementation of Agile Methodology based on SCRUM Tool Registered Md Asif Khalil Dr. Bonthu Kotaiah 219-225 IV
433 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0763 Santhosh KR Controlling Robot through Intelligency Mobile for Military Purpose Registered Santhosh KR Waiting - VIII
434 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0764 Mrs. Khushbu Jalan and Kiran Gawande Context-Aware Hotel Recommendation System based on Hybrid Approach to Mitigate Cold-Start-Problem Registered Mrs. Khushbu Jalan Waiting - V
435 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0774 Sampath Kumar V, Jagdish Prasad, Ravi Samikannu Computational Linear Model for Predicting Solar Energy in Botswana Registered Sampath Kumar V Waiting - VIII
436 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0778 Albert Mayan Automatic Traffic Control System using PCA based Approach Registered Albert Mayan Waiting - VII
437 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0779 Ramesh K and Sumaya Sanober IEEE 802.15.4 Wi-Fi Module for Wireless Communication among Speech Processor and Headpiece (Transmitter) of Cochlear Implants Registered Ramesh K Waiting - VII
438 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0780 Aniruddha Mandal, Kayes Ali Khan, Saikat Pal, Abdullah Alom and Prof. Anuradha De MATLAB-Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Study PV Module Characteristics Registered Prof. Anuradha De Waiting 362-366 III
439 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0784 S. Priyanka, Dawa Dema and Dr. T. Jayanthi Feature selection and classification of Epilepsy from EEG signal Registered S. Priyanka, Dawa Dema Dr. T. Jayanthi 226-228 IV
440 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0785 S. T Sanamdikar, Dr. S. T. Hamde, Dr. V. G. Asutkar Extraction of Different Features of ECG signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias by using Wavelet Transformation Db 6 Registered S. T Sanamdikar Dr. S. T. Hamde, Dr. V. G. Asutkar 367-372 III
441 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0786 Dr. Amit Kamra and Mananpreet Kaur Improved Algorithm based on Multi-scale Morphology for Intensification of Gray Scale Images Registered Ms. Mananpreet Kaur Waiting - VI
442 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0787 Rahat Ullah Khan, Dr. Biplab Bhattacharyya and Dr Gajendra Singh Real Time Performance Evaluation of Modified PMDC Motor, BLDC Motor and Dual Commutator PMDC Machine Registered Rahat Ullah Khan Waiting 229-233 IV
443 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0788 Ms. E. Gouthami and Ramyasree Korra Solar Powered Auto Watering System for Irrigation using Embedded Controller Registered Ms. E. Gouthami Waiting 373-377 III
444 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0789 Sagar Nimkar, Vikramsingh R. Parihar, Anagha Dhote and Kishor Dhake Line Trap and Artificial Intelligence based Double Circuit Transmission Line Fault Classification Registered Vikramsingh R. Parihar Waiting 412-416 I
445 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0790 Mr. R. Vinit Kaushik, Raghu R, Maheshwar Reddy, Ankita Prasad and Sai Prasanna Ad Analysis using Machine Learning Registered Mr. R. Vinit Kaushik Waiting - VIII
446 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0791 Ms. Anindya Ojha, Ms. Upasana Pattnaik and Sasi Rekha Sankar Data Analytics on Placement Data in a South Asian University Registered Ms. Upasana Pattnaik Ms. Anindya Ojha 378-382 III
447 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0792 Rajasekhar Reddy Iraganeni and Murali G A Novel Triple DES to Enhance E-Governance Security Registered Mr I. Raja Sekhar Reddy G Murali - V
448 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0793 Upendra Tandale, Bashirahamad Momin and Deva P. Seetharam An Empirical Study of Application Layer Protocols for IoT Registered Upendra Tandale Waiting - VIII
449 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0794 Humaira Momin, Rubina Shaikh, Chandrabhaga Kondhawale and Kiran Gawande Feature based Evaluation of Hotel Reviews and Ratings for Differently Abled People Registered Rubina Shaikh Humaira Momin, Chandrabhaga Kondhawale and Kiran Gawande - VII
450 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0797 Praveen Javvaji Analysis of MOOPF and SOOPF with and without IPFC using PSO Registered Praveen Javvaji Waiting 432-437 I
451 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0798 Janakkumar Trivedi and Dhara Dave OpenCv and Matlab based Car Parking System Module for Smart City using Circle Hough Transform Registered Janakkumar Trivedi Waiting - IX
452 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0799 Dusharla Venkata Sunil and Narri Yadaiah An Expert System for Fault Location in Distribution Feeder Line Registered Dusharla Venkata Sunil Waiting 383-387 III