Special Sessions

Approved Special Sessions

Special Session ICECDS 2017 - SS - RPECCS
Session Theme Research and Practice Evolutionary Computing & Communication Systems
Coordinator Name Dr. SureshShanmugasundaram
Address Gaborone, Botswana
Papers Submit Mail ID Suresh.shanmugasundaram@bothouniversity.ac.bw
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Special Session ICECDS 2017 - SS - ETIIP
Session Theme Emerging Trends and Implications in Image Processing
Coordinator Name Dr. Podugu Srinivasarao
Address Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Papers Submit Mail ID srinu.instru@gmail.com
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Special Session ICECDS 2017 - SS - CITSCS
Session Theme Computational Intelligence Techniques to Sustainable Computing Systems
Coordinator Name Dr. R. Jagadeesh Kannan, Dr. K. S. Umadevi
Address VIT University Chennai Campus
Papers Submit Mail ID dr_rjk@hotmail.com, umadeviks@vit.ac.in
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Special Session ICECDS 2017 - SS - ICE
Session Theme Information and Communication Engineering
Coordinator Name Dr. M. Sundar Prakash Balaji
Address AP/ECE, RVS Technical Campus – Coimbatore.
Papers Submit Mail ID balajiharshavardhini@gmail.com
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Special Session ICECDS 2017 - SS - RTSTCSEE
Session Theme Research Trends in Security Technology in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Coordinator Name Mr. Sudhanshu S. Gonge
Address Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra.
Papers Submit Mail ID assistantitprofessor@gmail.com
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Special Session ICECDS 2017 - SS - CMV
Session Theme Computer and Machine Vision
Coordinator Name Dr. Dushyant Kumar Singh
Address Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, MNNIT Allahabad (U.P.) – 211004.
Papers Submit Mail ID dushyant@mnnit.ac.in
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Call for Special Session Proposals
We encourage Special Sessions in our Conference. The Special Sessions are invited from the esteemed researchers/faculties from various colleges. We accept your proposals when they fall under our scope of conference i.e., Energy, Communication, Data Analytics and Soft Computing. If selected they are scheduled in different slots.

Special Session Proposal Submission
Each selected session should contribute a minimum of 5 papers which are peer reviewed by well known team of experts. Session organizers are authorized in acceptance and review. If needed papers are reviewed again by our team of experts. We entertain maximum 2 organizers who can designate a chair and co-chair for the session.

Financial assistance towards chair, co-chair, organizers and participants of Special Sessions cannot be entertained. All the Participants needed to register with us as mentioned along with registration fee.

Special Session proposal form can be downloaded from here.

Request for Special Session(s) should be sent to sessions@ecds.org.in and it will be placed in website if approved by the conference team.

Important Steps
Paper should not hold a plagiarism content more than 20%.

Papers should be submitted through the directed approach (i.e., Organizer’s email).

All Special Session papers should be submitted to sessions@ecds.org.in on or before 26th June 2017 to get the official acceptance from the conference committee.